Jester Apron & Collar

Goal: $4,800.00

Amount Pledged: $9,420.04

Start Date: December 26, 2021

The campaign ended 1 year, 4 months, 4 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes, 15 seconds ago


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Last Updated: 06/02/2022

Please read the blog for any updates regarding this project.
Estimated delivery has been delayed to SEPTEMBER 2022.

Introducing the Jester Apron & Jester Collar! These pieces pair together as a set but can be worn separately. Aprons are a popular way to add additional layering to an outfit. While originally designed to be a fashion garment worn over lolita dresses, these pieces are versatile and can be worn with other alternative fashions such as clown kei or clowncore, over pants, in cosplay, with renaissance faire attire, or with any outfit that needs a little clown flair added to it!







Each apron and collar are made of a very soft fleece velvet with pom-pom trim and details. The apron and the collar both come with removable matching bows. Additionally, the tails of the apron and collar have wire so they can be bent & curled into shape!





There are two sizes of this apron available. You will be able to select your desired size after the campaign and there is no price difference between sizes.

For Size 1, the main waistband of the apron measures at 28 inches with the waist ties measuring 36 inches each, for a 100 inch total length. Best recommended for waists under 40 inches. Mannequin model is set at 28 inch waist.

For Size 2, the main waistband of the apron measures 43 inches with the waist ties  measuring 36 inches each, for a 115 inch total length. Best recommended for waists above 40 inches. Mannequin model is set at 40 inch waist.

The collar has a 20 inch neck hole circumference. The collar bow is 6 inches long. The bow on the apron is 9 inches long. We will take a poll at the end of the campaign if Size 1 apron recipients would like a smaller bow sampled for the Size 1 apron.

Since the first samples have already been finished and shown in these photos, all that’s left to do is to fund the production so that’s where this crowdfund comes in! The campaign will provide discounts on set purchases that will not be available during the limited full release of the apron & collar, as well as discounts on the full release price! And all orders will also receive an exclusive sticker & art print for the campaign. Due to the nature of this campaign and manufacturing, there is presently no guarantee that there will be additional stock available in all colorways and sizes afterwards so please consider pledging while it is available!

There are many colors available to produce in this design! Additional colors will only become available if the stretch goal is met. Each color is required to reach a minimum order quantity so the cost amount of each stretch goal reflects this requirement as well as respective additional costs (such as shipping & taxes) for each additional color of fabric that needs to be ordered. If the stretch goal is not met for a specific color, that color will not be produced. So if there is a color you would really like, please pledge to the campaign and share it with friends who may be interested to help reach all the colorways! Please consider selecting multiple apron bundles or group buying with friends to pick more colors and also receive discounts on set prices. Once the campaign ends, you will be able to select your specified colorway(s) from the unlocked colorways in a survey.  If there is a specific color you would like but are unsure if it will be unlocked, please wait to pledge or be comfortable with receiving the colorways before it, as pledge cancellations will NOT be accepted after the campaign has ended. Please review the potential colors below with their fabric swatches. These will be updated to reflect which colors have gotten unlocked as the campaign progresses.


Pink with pink pom-poms – $6,500 – UNLOCKED

Lavender with lavender pom-poms – $9,000 – UNLOCKED

White with white pom-poms – $10,000 – UNLOCKED (Original Goal was $11,500)

Navy with navy pom-poms – $14,000

Red with white pom-poms – $16,500

Wine with wine pom-poms (Dark red) – $19,000

Emerald with emerald pom-poms (Dark green) – $21,500

Purple with purple pom-poms – $24,000

Mint with mint pom-poms – $26,500


Updated 02/01/22. We  will be able to source pom-poms in a different manner than what we did with the samples so because Black fabric was unlocked, Black with white pom-poms and Black with pink pom-poms have been unlocked!


Black with white pom-poms – UNLOCKED (Original goal was $29,000)


Black with pink-pom-poms – UNLOCKED (Original Goal was $30,000)


After the campaign ends, the first month will be devoted to collecting survey responses to ensure we finalize the amount needed to order for production and preparing samples of the unlocked colorways. Once the surveys are handled and new samples are confirmed, full production is estimated to begin in March 2022. We anticipate that depending on the success of the campaign, manufacturing and shipping could take around 2-3 months. Coupled with still existing global worldwide shipping delays, pledges are not expected to ship until JULY 2022. Please do not pledge if you cannot accept this production and shipping time. There will be regular updates posted through newsletters and this website for progress on the production.

Below is a general break-down of how campaign funding will be used. Most of the funding will be used for the manufacturing costs, shipping costs from overseas, and taxes & fees. There is some buffer to include any additional sampling I may need to do, purchasing all the packaging material needed to ship to everyone individually, printing the stickers and art print, and so on.


Shipping is calculated based on weight and will be reflected in the cart. For all pledges located in the United States,  packages will be sent Priority Mail through USPS. For all pledges located outside of the United States, packages will be shipped by First Class International Shipping through USPS. Shipping costs vary greatly from $20 USD to $90+ USD depending on location and package weight so please be aware of the potential cost. For UK/EU pledges, you may be charged VAT taxes in addition to customs fees. For UK pledges, you will likely be asked to pay separately through our Etsy storefront at the campaign’s end.

You can cancel your pledge for any reason during the duration of the campaign, just use our Contact form with your pledge number and request a cancellation. After the campaign has ended, pledges can NO longer be cancelled. All funds from this campaign will be used for production so we can NOT issue refunds. Please accept these conditions before pledging.



This campaign will run for 37 days, from 12/26/21 to 01/31/22. Thanks for your interest in this project, hopefully it’ll be a successful campaign and we can create this design in lots of colors!



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Start DateDecember 26, 2021
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