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Jester Apron & Collar Update #5 – Shipments Starting!

Hey all, thanks so much for your patience during the production of these aprons! Most of the aprons have been unpacked and organized. The time is finally here for shipments to begin!

Jester Aprons & Collars arranged and organized for shipment

Shipping Information

PLEASE make sure to confirm that your ADDRESS IS UPDATED. Your order information will be in the last email you have received from us. Once the tracking information is generated and the package is dropped off at the post office, it can not be changed! It’s been several months since the pre-order ended and we don’t want any orders to be accidentally delivered to the wrong address!

As mentioned in the campaign, all orders will be shipping through USPS either Priority Mail or First Class International so US based customers should receive orders before October, International orders likely early-mid October.

Campaign Survey/Order Selection

If you DID NOT answer the campaign survey in time, your order selection WAS NOT recorded. Please review your email order information under the Note section for your recorded jester apron/collar color and size selection. Please contact us ASAP if you still need to make a selection. You can use the Contact order form or respond to any of the order emails you have received for this production. We CANNOT ship your pre-order without you making a selection. For reference, there are jester aprons & collars available in these colors:

  • Black with Black pom-poms
  • Black with White pom-poms
  • Black with Pink pom-poms
  • Pink with Pink pom-poms
  • Lavender with Lavender pom-poms
  • White with White pom-poms
Close up of Jester Apron & Collar colorways

All apron colors are available in Size 1 or Size 2.

For Size 1, the main waistband of the apron measures at 28 inches with the waist ties measuring 36 inches each, for a 100 inch total length. Best recommended for waists under 40 inches.

For Size 2, the main waistband of the apron measures 43 inches with the waist ties  measuring 36 inches each, for a 115 inch total length. Best recommended for waists above 40 inches.

Additional Info

An art print & stickers will come included packaged with every pre-order.

Preview of the art print

Extra inventory will be available after all final pre-orders have shipped, likely sometime in October.

We created samples of the additional colorways from the campaign that were not unlocked. So after those are photographed, a new pre-order will begin for additional colorways: Red, Wine, Navy, Purple, Mint, and Emerald. It will be a direct pre-order with a much shorter turnaround time now that we’ve successfully run through production once.

Thank you so much everyone for giving us the opportunity to bring this project to life! After you receive your orders, please let us know if there are any issues that we can resolve.

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Jester Apron & Collar Update #4 – Production Delays & Delivery Updates

Hello, I wanted to make an important update here, I’ll explain more in depth but presently, the delivery date of the aprons has been extended from JULY 2022 to SEPTEMBER 2022.

Production Delay

As mentioned in the last update, production has been delayed until June. This means we likely won’t be able to reach our July delivery date. I had estimated until August but I wanted to add another month as buffer just in case we experience any additional shipping delays.

As you may be aware, there are still global supply chain issues, expenses, and delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were having issues properly sourcing the wire for the aprons as the samples used iron wire. I wanted to use an alternative due to iron’s tendency to rust and I really wanted to make sure the aprons could last a long time without internal rust impacting them. Additionally, the collars, Size 1, and Size 2 all need different wire thickness to compensate for the weight of the fabrics. So sourcing alternatives that will not cause damage while also being the right wire strengths has been a time consuming process as aluminum wire is not as easy to source in China (the location of our lolita manufacturer) as it is in the US. We initially could only source plastic coated aluminum for electrical purposes. I was finally able to source wire from a metal supplier but afterwards, I experienced shipping delays and then other problems with the wire with metal staining the white fabric. We’ve finally come to a solution to avoid any damage and have the wire on hand but I want to make sure I give the manufacturer enough time to produce quality aprons without rushing the production. I hope you can understand the need for this extension. If you have any questions or need to change your delivery address, please know you can contact me at any time!


In other news, there has been some updates with the apron production. We’ve finished the internal clothing tags (brand tag and laundry tag) and the hang tags for the aprons! I think they look great with the gold detailing!

Laundry Tag
Apron Tags with gold thead
Hanging Tags with gold foil

Thank you again for your patience with this project, I really can’t wait to finally see the end results!

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Jester Apron & Collar Update #3 – Visual Changes & Production Progress

Hello all! I wanted to make sure I made a blog post here as a record for some updates regarding the Jester Apron & Collar crowdfund! All payments were processed and survey responses were collected and tallied so the order was officially placed with the manufacturer! If you’ve been following along on Instagram & Twitter, you saw a few updates I’ll just repeat here.

Other Colorways

I tried launching additional crowdfunding campaigns to try to unlock more colorways but unfortunately there wasn’t enough interest to reach any of the goals. As a result, the final unlocked colorways from the original crowdfunding campaign will be the ones that remain. I will still be getting samples made of the additional colorways (Navy, Red, Purple, etc) Hopefully having the samples on hand can generate more interest and I’ll be able to order an additional small amount of new colors.

White Colorway

The white colorway of the apron has been updated to a more natural white vs the previous blueish polar white it was before. This change should help make the white colorway match more items!

New white fabric vs Old white fabric

Size 2

The seams on the tails of the Size 2 apron has been increased slightly to better visually match the Size 1 apron.

New Size 2 seam vs Size 1 seam


The size of some of the larger pom-poms will be slightly smaller, specifically on the pink colorways. The source of the large pom-poms unfortunately has sold out of some colors and won’t restock so we’ll need to dye the pom-poms manually, which shrinks the size just a bit.

Original 5cm pom-pom vs Dyed 4cm pom-pom

Production Progress

Due to an abundance of projects the manufacturer has, the aprons had to be put on pause temporarily from production. Production was pushed to April but has experienced further delays and will be pushed to June. This further delay has been caused by the kind of wiring that was used in the samples vs production. It’s important we use aluminum wire to avoid rust that will cause damage to the fabric. So I’ve had to spend some additional time sourcing the right kind of aluminum wire that is strong and flexible enough to maintain the weight of the aprons. Once the wire is ordered and shipped, production will begin immediately. This means, delivery might get pushed to August. I will update here and on social media once production finally begins and proceeds forward.

That’s it for now! Will post another update in a few weeks! 🙂

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Jester Apron & Collar Update #2 – Pledges Collected & Survey is Live!

Hello, almost all of the pledges have now been processed! The counter on the campaign now reflects this. If there was an issue with processing your payment, you have been sent an email with a direct link to pay for your pledge manually. Failed payments have until March to confirm their pledge or else they will be cancelled.

The post campaign survey for the Jester Apron & Collar is now live! You should have received an email with a note regarding the link of where to take the survey. If you did not receive this link, it is located here just below. Please make sure to include your email and order number! The deadline for survey responses will be February 20 as we’ll need some time to take tally of everyone’s records to prepare for beginning manufacturing in March. Unanswered orders will only be able to pick from the remaining size & colorway options after production has been completed.

Survey Link:

Reminder that if you need to change your address during the production, you can contact us at any time. Thanks again for supporting the campaign!

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Jester Apron & Collar Update #1 – Success!

Thank you so much to everyone to pledged for the Jester Apron & Collar Campaign! It ran for 37 days from 12/26/22 to 12/31/22 and was the first campaign to test the viability of Dandy Puppeteer self-hosting crowdfunding campaigns. Very happy to announce that it was a great success, which means we can go into production! We were a little short of the initial White colorway stretch goal but not by too much so we’ve decided to proceed with creating the White colorway as well! Additionally, we will be able to source pom-poms through a different method than what we did with the samples so this means that since we unlocked the Black fabric, pledges can now choose between Black with white pom-poms and Black with pink pom-poms as well!

We received interest in potentially relaunching the Jester Apron & Collar but as smaller campaigns that are separated by color. Some people wanted to pledge but the overall goal wasn’t able to reach the color they wanted such as red or navy. We’re going to explore this and give it a try with several smaller campaigns to see which colors have the most interest to also get funded. We can pursue more in the future after the production of Black, Pink, Lavender, and White are completed.

Pledges will begin to be manually charged February 1 through February 3 unless we have previously discussed a payment plan option. You will receive an email stating that your order processing is complete. This just means the pre-order is completed and that your card has been charged, not that the order itself is completed. Orders will still be open and are still estimated to ship July 2022. Reminder that if you are a EU/UK pledge, you will also be charged VAT taxes. Your pledge will be changed to reflect this before being charged so please be aware! After charges are complete, we will send out the post campaign survey for requesting size and colorway.

Huge thank you to all of our pledgers and supporters! A special thank you to Kaiser for being our model and helping draw more eyes onto the campaign with their wonderful coordination! Can’t wait to be able to share more updates on this!

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Hello! Welcome to Dandy Puppeteer’s Crowdfunding website! This website was created for the explicit purpose of crowdfunding and organizing large pre-orders for the Dandy Puppeteer brand that cannot be hosted through the main store website.

Why a self-hosted crowdfunding site?

The main Dandy Puppeteer online store is already an independently created website and thus not hosted through external eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc. External platforms always change depending on the financial motivations of the company in charge, even if it’s at the expense of the artists who utilize their platforms. Being able to independently host this website presents the challenge of drawing in a bigger audience but it allows a strong area of control in many aspects of what it means to have independence over an online space.

How does crowdfunding function on this website?

This website runs mostly as “All-or-Nothing” format, meaning a project will not go forward into production unless there’s ample support through a campaign. This is defined as “mostly” because say a goal is like 80-90% of the way there, the result is a project where the difference can be made up for completion. You will not be charged until the campaign’s run is over, thus giving time to review the status if the project is able to be completed with enough information. You will be asked to insert your card information during Checkout to be charged when the campaign is completed and this information is managed by Square.

How will I receive updates on campaigns?

This website will also function as a way to regularly give full blog updates as projects progress in an open format that easy to keep track of or frequently check. One of the challenges of Kickstarter for example, is communication between campaign runner and pledger. When you pledge to a campaign on this website, you will always get email newsletters regarding campaign updates if you opt-in to subscribe to our newsletter and in case you miss them or don’t want to subscribe to the newsletter, they will always be hosted on this site to be seen at any time.