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Jester Apron & Collar Update #5 – Shipments Starting!

Hey all, thanks so much for your patience during the production of these aprons! Most of the aprons have been unpacked and organized. The time is finally here for shipments to begin!

Jester Aprons & Collars arranged and organized for shipment

Shipping Information

PLEASE make sure to confirm that your ADDRESS IS UPDATED. Your order information will be in the last email you have received from us. Once the tracking information is generated and the package is dropped off at the post office, it can not be changed! It’s been several months since the pre-order ended and we don’t want any orders to be accidentally delivered to the wrong address!

As mentioned in the campaign, all orders will be shipping through USPS either Priority Mail or First Class International so US based customers should receive orders before October, International orders likely early-mid October.

Campaign Survey/Order Selection

If you DID NOT answer the campaign survey in time, your order selection WAS NOT recorded. Please review your email order information under the Note section for your recorded jester apron/collar color and size selection. Please contact us ASAP if you still need to make a selection. You can use the Contact order form or respond to any of the order emails you have received for this production. We CANNOT ship your pre-order without you making a selection. For reference, there are jester aprons & collars available in these colors:

  • Black with Black pom-poms
  • Black with White pom-poms
  • Black with Pink pom-poms
  • Pink with Pink pom-poms
  • Lavender with Lavender pom-poms
  • White with White pom-poms
Close up of Jester Apron & Collar colorways

All apron colors are available in Size 1 or Size 2.

For Size 1, the main waistband of the apron measures at 28 inches with the waist ties measuring 36 inches each, for a 100 inch total length. Best recommended for waists under 40 inches.

For Size 2, the main waistband of the apron measures 43 inches with the waist ties  measuring 36 inches each, for a 115 inch total length. Best recommended for waists above 40 inches.

Additional Info

An art print & stickers will come included packaged with every pre-order.

Preview of the art print

Extra inventory will be available after all final pre-orders have shipped, likely sometime in October.

We created samples of the additional colorways from the campaign that were not unlocked. So after those are photographed, a new pre-order will begin for additional colorways: Red, Wine, Navy, Purple, Mint, and Emerald. It will be a direct pre-order with a much shorter turnaround time now that we’ve successfully run through production once.

Thank you so much everyone for giving us the opportunity to bring this project to life! After you receive your orders, please let us know if there are any issues that we can resolve.

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