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Jester Apron & Collar Update #4 – Production Delays & Delivery Updates

Hello, I wanted to make an important update here, I’ll explain more in depth but presently, the delivery date of the aprons has been extended from JULY 2022 to SEPTEMBER 2022.

Production Delay

As mentioned in the last update, production has been delayed until June. This means we likely won’t be able to reach our July delivery date. I had estimated until August but I wanted to add another month as buffer just in case we experience any additional shipping delays.

As you may be aware, there are still global supply chain issues, expenses, and delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were having issues properly sourcing the wire for the aprons as the samples used iron wire. I wanted to use an alternative due to iron’s tendency to rust and I really wanted to make sure the aprons could last a long time without internal rust impacting them. Additionally, the collars, Size 1, and Size 2 all need different wire thickness to compensate for the weight of the fabrics. So sourcing alternatives that will not cause damage while also being the right wire strengths has been a time consuming process as aluminum wire is not as easy to source in China (the location of our lolita manufacturer) as it is in the US. We initially could only source plastic coated aluminum for electrical purposes. I was finally able to source wire from a metal supplier but afterwards, I experienced shipping delays and then other problems with the wire with metal staining the white fabric. We’ve finally come to a solution to avoid any damage and have the wire on hand but I want to make sure I give the manufacturer enough time to produce quality aprons without rushing the production. I hope you can understand the need for this extension. If you have any questions or need to change your delivery address, please know you can contact me at any time!


In other news, there has been some updates with the apron production. We’ve finished the internal clothing tags (brand tag and laundry tag) and the hang tags for the aprons! I think they look great with the gold detailing!

Laundry Tag
Apron Tags with gold thead
Hanging Tags with gold foil

Thank you again for your patience with this project, I really can’t wait to finally see the end results!

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