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Jester Apron & Collar Update #1 – Success!

Thank you so much to everyone to pledged for the Jester Apron & Collar Campaign! It ran for 37 days from 12/26/22 to 12/31/22 and was the first campaign to test the viability of Dandy Puppeteer self-hosting crowdfunding campaigns. Very happy to announce that it was a great success, which means we can go into production! We were a little short of the initial White colorway stretch goal but not by too much so we’ve decided to proceed with creating the White colorway as well! Additionally, we will be able to source pom-poms through a different method than what we did with the samples so this means that since we unlocked the Black fabric, pledges can now choose between Black with white pom-poms and Black with pink pom-poms as well!

We received interest in potentially relaunching the Jester Apron & Collar but as smaller campaigns that are separated by color. Some people wanted to pledge but the overall goal wasn’t able to reach the color they wanted such as red or navy. We’re going to explore this and give it a try with several smaller campaigns to see which colors have the most interest to also get funded. We can pursue more in the future after the production of Black, Pink, Lavender, and White are completed.

Pledges will begin to be manually charged February 1 through February 3 unless we have previously discussed a payment plan option. You will receive an email stating that your order processing is complete. This just means the pre-order is completed and that your card has been charged, not that the order itself is completed. Orders will still be open and are still estimated to ship July 2022. Reminder that if you are a EU/UK pledge, you will also be charged VAT taxes. Your pledge will be changed to reflect this before being charged so please be aware! After charges are complete, we will send out the post campaign survey for requesting size and colorway.

Huge thank you to all of our pledgers and supporters! A special thank you to Kaiser for being our model and helping draw more eyes onto the campaign with their wonderful coordination! Can’t wait to be able to share more updates on this!

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