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Hello! Welcome to Dandy Puppeteer’s Crowdfunding website! This website was created for the explicit purpose of crowdfunding and organizing large pre-orders for the Dandy Puppeteer brand that cannot be hosted through the main store website.

Why a self-hosted crowdfunding site?

The main Dandy Puppeteer online store is already an independently created website and thus not hosted through external eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc. External platforms always change depending on the financial motivations of the company in charge, even if it’s at the expense of the artists who utilize their platforms. Being able to independently host this website presents the challenge of drawing in a bigger audience but it allows a strong area of control in many aspects of what it means to have independence over an online space.

How does crowdfunding function on this website?

This website runs mostly as “All-or-Nothing” format, meaning a project will not go forward into production unless there’s ample support through a campaign. This is defined as “mostly” because say a goal is like 80-90% of the way there, the result is a project where the difference can be made up for completion. You will not be charged until the campaign’s run is over, thus giving time to review the status if the project is able to be completed with enough information. You will be asked to insert your card information during Checkout to be charged when the campaign is completed and this information is managed by Square.

How will I receive updates on campaigns?

This website will also function as a way to regularly give full blog updates as projects progress in an open format that easy to keep track of or frequently check. One of the challenges of Kickstarter for example, is communication between campaign runner and pledger. When you pledge to a campaign on this website, you will always get email newsletters regarding campaign updates if you opt-in to subscribe to our newsletter and in case you miss them or don’t want to subscribe to the newsletter, they will always be hosted on this site to be seen at any time.

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